The Infinite Illusions Yo-Yo Team.

Starting in 2005, Infinite Illusions has gathered some of the best and most creative players to form a team to help expand the field of yo-yoing. We are providing them with support and they are providing us with new insites to the field. If you meet these players, they tend to have all sorts of special promotional stuff and catalogs to give to you. Track them dow n at the next contest you find one of them at.

André Boulay
Captain Team YoYoJam, Developer of thumb grinds. Signature yo-yo: Dark Magic

Na than Crissey
Member team YoYoJam, Judge at international competitions. Signature yo-yo: Sirius

Jack Ringca
2005 5A National Champ. Member Duncan Crew, Team DXL and others. Killer drummer.

< p>Kyle “Kyo” Weems
Designer of the Immortalus and Phi yo-yos. Full time employee of Infinite Illusions. Signature yo-yo: Phi

Member Duncan Crew, Developer of Recessed sticker mod, Videographer.

Seth Peterson
Member Duncan Crew, PBS. Modder and co-winner of 2005 Iron Mod Compeition.

Kentaro Kimura
Member Team Buzzon. 2nd Place US Natioanls 3A. Developer of friction stickers we carry.

Tim Simco
Member Team Buzzon. Ground man in Orlando for the World Yo-Yo Contest

Photos by Josh Root