About Modfather Custom Yo-Yo Page
About Modfather Custom Yo-Yo Page

Visit our all new Modfather Page! Perry Prine aka The Modfather has come to Infinite Illusions with his high performance mods and he's gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. Perry mods for some of the Duncan Crew and is considered one of the best modders when it comes to Duncan yo-yos in particular, as well as many other types of mods. We will be offering Re-cut, Silicone Recess, Sticker Recess, and Cleaned Bearing Mods, as well as combinations of those mods. Now, what can the Modfather do for you?

About Modfather Yo-yos

The Recess
The Modfather silicone recesses are 0.060" deep, and he uses flowable silicone. A depth of 0.060" gives the perfect surface area for the silicone to adhere to. The "concave" in the silicone gives less response.

Single vs double recess
A single recess simply means there is just one recess on one side of the yo-yo. The other side is left untouched. A double recess is when a recess is cut into both sides (halves) of the yo-yo.

A single side recess gives you enough grip with a bind to return the yo-yo. The double recess still plays un-responsive, but is a bit more forgiving if you don't do a perfect bind (i.e. there is double the amount of silicone area for the string to grab!). Both models WILL require a bind.

The Silicone
Both single and double models have a "concave" in the flowable silicone to ensure there won't be too much response without a bind. This is a really nice feature and many players prefer this to a flat silicon finish. The silicon should last a long time and changing the silicone shouldn't be necessary. However, if it is, just use flowable silicone.

The Machining
The Modfather is a professional metal machinist. All of his recesses are precision engineered on a metal lathe. The Modfather does all his own work, and tests each yo-yo personally. The tooling is hand cut and is only used for his mods. He even has a separate tooling for metal vs. plastic yo-yos.

The Bearing
Each stock yo-yo bearing is given a thorough Modfather clean and is supplied dry. It is advised that you lightly lube the bearing.

Quality Control
The Modfather has very high standards, and ANY yo-yo he mods gets tested, and if it's not PERFECT, it doesn't leave his workshop. They check for response, bearing sound, and correct bindings. World-famous yo-yo icon Steve Brown has worked closely with The Modfather during the making of these awesome custom Yo-Yos. He personally tested every one, and each has his approval!

The Modfather Himself
When not modding yo-yos, The Modfather works as a locksmith in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides modding yo-yos, he is a current Guinness World Record Holder for hitting the most bullseyes (darts) in 10 hours and inventor of the CribCard cribbage Scoring Aid. He is a former "Team High Performance" yo-yo demonstrator (1998-99) and currently runs the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club. With the help of Steve Brown, as well as other pro players, he has been able to perfect the recessing of yo-yos.


(Copy adapted from www.euro-yo.com by Peter Thake)

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