Angel Hair Yo-Yo String
Angel Hair Yo-Yo String

A new string we are bringing to the market. This one is very strange. When you get it it's stiff like plastic. Heck it feels like fishing line. It's so stiff in fact that at first you will have a hard time keeping the loop on your finger. But play with it, break it in. This string needs a little love before it will love you back. When it breaks in it will loosen up and become and amazing player. It holds a loop for whip catches like nothing we've ever seen, it's slick, it's fast, and it's great for keeping a yo-yo at a zero response level. Here is the real kicker. The guys at Infinite Illusions have been playing with this stuff for about a month now. Their strings are lasting not hours, not days but weeks. As usual your mileage may vary, but try this string. We think you'll love it, and do expect it to take a while before it breaks in. It is worth the wait. You must know how to do a bind to take advantage of this string.

Angel Hair Yo-Yo String STR18
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