Marble Cosmo by 3YO3
Marble Cosmo by 3YO3
Marble Cosmo by 3YO3
Marble Cosmo by 3YO3
Marble Cosmo by 3YO3

Landon has been playing with some new acrylics and these Marble Cosmos are one of two new designs. The Cosmo is one of the most unique yo-yos to come out in 2009. 3Yo3 and it's creator Landon Balk has spent countless hours fine tuning these incredible pieces of art into a good playing yo-yo as well. It's hand turned and polished acrylic body is very durable and is perfect for adding your own custom paint job too, so all you modders beware this is a must have yo-yo. It uses a Chrome-Steel size C ball bearing and recessed silicone response system. A work of art.

Marble Cosmo TYT03

  • Shape: Concave
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Thickness: 38mm
  • Weight: 67gm
  • Play style: String Trick
  • Axle or Bearing type: Bearing C
  • Special Features: Take Apart
  • Skill Level: 3

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