Dark Magic 2 by YoyoJam
Dark Magic 2 by YoyoJam
Dark Magic 2 by YoyoJam
Dark Magic 2 by YoyoJam
Dark Magic 2 by YoyoJam

The Dark Magic 2 has been completely redesigned by Yo-Yo Master and YYJ team member Andre Boulay, and this yo-yo is designed for Andre's unique style of play that includes thumb grinds on the inside of the weight ring. Featuring the new Solid-Spin axle system and the YYJ Silicone Pads for response the new Dark Magic is still the biggest staple in the YoYoJam arsenal. It also comes with a responsive half size bearing as well as a YYJ Speed bearing for unresponsive play.

Dark Magic 2 YJ59
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  • Shape: Concave Adjustable Gap
  • Material: Combined (Mixed Materials)
  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Thickness: 41mm
  • Weight: 71gm
  • Play style: String Trick
  • Axle or Bearing type: Bearing C
  • Special Features: Take Apart
  • Friction Sticker: Starburst
  • O-Ring Size: III
  • Skill Level: 3

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