Lightbeam by Yomega
Lightbeam by Yomega
Lightbeam by Yomega
Lightbeam by Yomega
Lightbeam by Yomega

Yomega has found the perfect successor to the strobe, the new Yomega Lightbeam. They have done away with the difficult to use and easy to loose key to turn the yo-yo off and on. It now turns on when you throw the yo-yo. They have added a number of strobing LEDs of various colors to the front face while leaving the strobing light on the edge. This yo-yo with a plastic transaxle plays as smooth as a Fireball, and is one of the coolest light up yo-yo on the market today. This yo-yo also looks like it will be great for modders not just for the light unit, but because as it is based on a Raider shape, it should be modable into a great light-up looping yo-yo. Uses type AG3 otherwise known as LR41 batteries.

Lightbeam by Yomega YM30
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  • Shape: Convex
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Thickness: 36mm
  • Weight: 61gm
  • Play style: Looper
  • Axle or Bearing type: Bearing F
  • Special Features: Take Apart, Light Up
  • Skill Level: 1

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