EZO Type A Gold Bearings (w/o sheilds) by Taka
EZO Type A Gold Bearings (w/o sheilds) by Taka

A bearing that far exceeds anything we have ever seen. One flick of the finger instantly separates these from the rest. We decided to test these side-by-side against the best completely clean ABEC 7 bearing we could find, and there was no contest. The cleaned ABEC 7 bearing spun about 3-5 seconds on the end of a pen cap (the bit that holds the pen in your pocket) while the Gold Bearing spun an astounding 30 seconds, with just the flick of a finger! A true advancement in yo-yo technology.

Warning: Do NOT clean these as you might with a normal bearing, it will harm the coating and decrease spin time.

Please note, the gold is a coating that will wear off. Wearing off will not effect the performance of this bearing. Please note if you live in the USA and you are only ordering one bearing, shipping will be $2.00 even though it will display in your shopping cart as $4.50. These bearings are Type A, so they fit most Duncan bearing yo-yos including the Freehand Zero, The Freehand 2, the Avenger and most others except the Mondial. It will also fit all Pro-Yo Bearing yo-yos, The Immortalis, All Yo-Yo Factory Yo-Yos, The Zannavi and others.

They're back!!!

Type A Gold Bearings by Taka YPBAG
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