Setting Up
Get It Spinning
String Climb
Leg Toss
Stick Grind

Getting Your Diabolo Spinning

Place the diabolo on level ground with the diabolo just beyond your lifting hand. Using only your lifting hand, drag the diabolo towards you by lifting the lifting hand.

Before it runs out of room to roll, lift the diabolo off the ground using your lifting hand.

(Your holding hand should remain relatively still.)

The diabolo should be spinning as it comes off the ground. This spinning will give it some stability. Continue lifting with your lifting hand. This should put spin on your diabolo.

When you 've lifted the diabolo a bit, drop your lifting hand quickly so that the diabolo falls a small distance. The diabolo will drop only barely making contact with the string.

Lift again quickly and repeat. If this is done properly, spin will only be put on the diabolo in one direction.

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