Getting Ready to Yo-Yo
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Spinning Tricks -
Single Looped String (pt 1)

The Spinner

the throw

Hold the yo-yo correctly in your hand and curl your arm up like making a muscle with your hand next to your ear.

the arc

Bring your elbow down with a snap as you release the yo-yo out over the ends of your fingers.

the sleeperthe returnthe catch

The yo-yo should stay spinning at the end of the string. Before it slows down too much, turn your hand over (palm down) and give it a slight upward jerk to bring the yo-yo back to your hand.

Walk the Dog

the throw

Throw a fast spinner. Gently lower the yo-yo until it barely touches the floor.

the roll

The yo-yo will start walking forward.

the return

Be sure to jerk the yo-yo back to your hand before it runs out of spin, or you will do the "dead dog."

The Creeper

the touchdown

Starting with a fast spinner, swing the yo-yo out in front of you as far as you can reach and put the yo-yo and your hand on the floor at the same time.

the return

Give the string a slight jerk and the yo-yo will bounce back along the floor into your hand.

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