Getting Ready to Yo-Yo
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Tricks 2
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Spinning Tricks -
Single Looped String (pt 2)

Around the Corner

the starting position

Throw a fast spinner. Put your hand in the "I swear" position, and move your elbow around in front of the string.

the jerk

Keeping your elbow high, lower your hand to the string and give it an upward jerk.

the crawl

The yo-yo will climb the string over your arm and drop in front of you where you can pull it back to your hand.

Rock the Baby

the starting position

Practice making the cradle with a dead yo-yo before trying it with a sleeping yo-yo. With the yo-yo hanging at the end of the string, hold your yo-yo hand up like a policeman saying "stop."

the grab

Reach between your thumb and first finger with all four fingers of the other hand and pull the string back down until it forms a triangle.

the cradle

Swing the yo-yo through the triangle a couple of times. Drop the string and the yo-yo will return to your hand if it is spinning fast enough.

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