Wheel size
Unicycles come in a variety of wheel sizes, and for the beginner it is important to find a wheel size that is right for you. Unless your legs are just two short, anyone can ride a unicycle with a smaller wheel than is ideal for their size with the addition of a longer seat post, but it won't necessarily be comfortable.

Sizing Chart
<23" IS = 16" Wheel
22"-26" IS = 20" Wheel
25"-33" IS = 24" Wheel
>33" IS = 26" Wheel

Riding a unicycle with a wheel that is too small feels like taking baby steps. An overly large wheel makes you take giant steps. You can ride either way, but it is easiest to learn on a wheel that is proportioned to your legs.

To find what size is best for you, measure the length of your leg from floor to crotch. Now find your leg size on the chart to see which wheel size fits.

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