The story behind Infinite Illusions
Infinite Illusions was founded in 1986 by Gregory Cohen. This was back when he was still in college studying for an engineering degree. When he finally graduated some 200 credit hours later, he had an Art History Degree, more minors than he can count, and a small business specializing in Juggling equipment. In 1989 Greg added yo-yos, and Infinite Illusions became the business you know now. Infinite Illusions and Gregory Cohen have been mentioned or interviewed in many national magazines, radio shows and television, including CNN, Voice of America, The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine among others. Gregory Cohen is has authored several works including a book on Unicycling that you can find for sale here on this web site. Gregory Cohen and Infinite Illusions also plays host to the World Yo-Yo Contest. that happens the first weekend of August every year. We sponsor a a team. We have a retail shop called Lofty Pursuits that has many items not found in our mail-order catalog. Our whole catalog is not at the store, so if you want to come by and find something specific, please call first and we can make sure it is out there.

Contact Information:
Mailing address:
Infinite Illusions
Po Box 3045
Tallahassee, FL 32315-3045
Physical Address
Infinite Illusions/Lofty Pursuits
1415 Timberlane Road #410
Tallahassee, FL 32312
Phone: 1-800-969-6489
Fax: 850-668-5825

The Staff at Infinite Illusions
Or the faces of who you talk to when you call.
We feel that customer service is everyone's job here at Infinite Illusions, as such any of us can be found answering the phones and e-mails from time to time. We all can help you wih just about any product, but we also all have our specialties if expert help is needed. Here are some photos of our staff, the ones that are missing we suspect to be vampires and we seem unable to photograph them.

Gregory Cohen is the Founder and chief designer at Infinite Illusions Juggling Supplies. It is his fault that this whole crazy idea of manufacturing juggling equipment is working. Gregory is a graduate of Florida State University with a BA in Art History. This might explain the alternative working style that he has achieved.

Chuck R. is the General Manager for Infinite Illusions and the number 2 guy here at Infinite Illusions. He along with Greg develop the technology platform that our products are fufiled from and the web interface that orders are placed through.

Jake A. is the shipping director of Infinite Illusions so you need to be nice to him. He's also our staff bass player and is the rhythem section of the band MY @NOMOLY. In real life he is a jounin warrior.

Amy L. Amy has been working for us on and off since 1993. She started in manufacturing, helping make our juggling equipment.

Tyler S. is currently in the same aprenticeship path that developed Steve Brown into the man he is today. Adorned with green hair, and at the moment no eyebrows, he confuses us, but his yo-yo expertise is an asset to our customers and his ego.

Andrea is the face for our retail store Lofty Pursuits. She is quite frankly the coolest person in the world, and just the person to help you with in person sales at our store.

Leztia C. is the other half of our retail staff at Lofty Pursuits. When you come to visit Tallahassee say hi. Nick G. compares well to our alchemy string. He's thin, slick, and has lasted longer than we expected. Nick is the cement shoes that keeps tyler at the bottom of the lake.

Li Shyu is our staff illustrator and sculptor. He designs our logos and sculpts the tropies for the SE Regional Yo-Yo Contest and the World Yo-Yo Contest. His web page can be seen Here. Li is also the illustrator of the new Duncan Trick book. He has also done the illustrations for the new duncan sports series packaging. And Yes, this is not a photograph, but a self portrate by li.

Li Shyu 2.0 is Li Shyu's little brother also known as Li Shyu. (Well Big Shyu's real name is Li-Hang and this Li is Li-Fang, but we call them both Li ... heck, if the Shyu fits ... ). Well this Li works in customer service, is not married like is brother is, and has not done illustrations for Duncan, or for anyone for that matter. Better yet, he has the cool second name of "Fang". As a professional international man of mystery, we need to keep his face a secret.

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