Off Road: Unistar DX 20 inch
Off Road: Unistar DX 20 inch

This unicycle is designed for off-road travel. It comes with
everything you need to get into extreme unicycling, starting
with a heavy duty oval chromoly frame for maximum frame
strength, heavy duty main cap bearing mounts, and a new
extreme unicycle hub. This hub solves a lot of the problems
that conventional hubs have when they face unconventional
terrain. This hub is splined, not only internally, but where
the crank meets the hub to prevent stripping as can happen
with normal hubs. The heavy-duty seat has extra padding
for tough landings, and a handle to allow jumps and drops.
It also comes with Aluminum pedals, Kenda K-rad tires and
a oversize 1" (24.5mm) seat post tube.
The 20 inch unicycle is great for and trials riding and off road riding. Look for the new 2006 model soon!

Unistar DX 20 inch UDX20
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