Unistar CX 16 inch Unicycle
Unistar CX 16 inch Unicycle

The Unistar CX Unicycle is one of the best unicycle values on the market. It is made of tubular steel with a square fork and has a spoked wheel with cotterless cranks and comes standard with a 300mm seat post. The bearings are mounted in a "Main Cap Bearing Mount". Why does this make this a great unicycle? The square fork is important. It is much stronger than rounded forks, and allows the rider to put one foot on the fork for advanced tricks. Spoked wheels are important to have on a unicycle as they can be repaired if ever damaged. This is a great improvement over plastic wheeled unicycles in the same price range. Plastic wheels can deform in high temperatures, and once bent, deformed or broken can not be repaired. Most low end unicycles use lollypop mounts instead of main cap bearing mounts. While lollypop mounts are less expensive to produce, they can break. Main cap bearing mounts act like parentheses, one above and one below the bearing, trapping it tightly and securely. All of these features can be found on the best unicycles.
All in all an excellent value. This will be a hard unicycle to out grow.
The 16 inch Unistar CX Unicycle is ideal for the children, and for those who maneuverability is a need (clowns, trick riders, etc.). This unicycle is also good for riders who stand 4 foot high to about 5 foot 5 inches high. Longer seat posts are available for taller riders. Please contact us for details.
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Unistar CX 16 inch Unicycle UNT03
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